Body piercings offered and pricing

Tragus | Rook | Daith | Lip | Monroe | Scaffold | Labret | Tongue | Septum piercings

from R300

Navel | Eyebrow | Nipple | Bridge piercings
from R270
Nose piercings
from R230
Cheek piercings
from R300
Conch | Helix | Cartilage piercings
from R200
Surface piercings
from R400
Dermal Anchors | Microdermals
from R450
Female Gential Piercings :: Vertical hood | Horizontal hood | Inner and Outer Labia | Christina | Triangle | Fourchette | Other
from R500

Male Genital Piercings :: Prince Albert | Frenum | Apadravya | Ampallang | Dydoe | Reverse PA | Beading | Ladder | Other
from R550

Tongue Splitting | Scarification | Branding | Scalpel Work | Suspensions
from POA

*Rest assured of absolute discretion when getting any genital piercings done ;-)

There is generally no need to make an appointment, except if you are pressed for time or want something a little out of the ordinary.

    Phone me on:

        084 784 7420

Or just come into the piercing and tattoo shop in Claremont!

I perform all piercings - from ear lobes to perineums - as long as the anatomy is suited. Feel free to discuss any piercings, projects or piercing related problems. There is no better feeing than facilitating making peoples piercing/mod dreams come true.


I was apprenticed and employed at Wildfire since 2000, until I resigned in 2011 to pursue my own piercing and modification dreams. I am now based at The Body Architects Tattoo and Piercing Studio.



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