• Cheek Skewering
  • Body Suspension Performance
  • Play Piercing
  • squid circus
  • Piercing Show
  • Suicide Suspension
  • Suicide Suspension

I am a member of a rather motley, alternative positively broken crew of 'instigators of the strange' - The Squid Circus. Using spoken word, blood, hooks, false eyelashes, wheelchairs, birdcages, angst, brains and loudhailers, we attempt to entertain, titillate and traumatise those watching. Our audience never really knows what to make of what we choose to offer them...and that's the way we like it.


Feel free to contact us if you are planning an event, show or project that needs some dark entertainment...we promise loads of gasping and slack jaws.


I supply my suspension and piercing expertise (as well as myself, if needed) for:

- Photoshoots
- Filmshoots
- Special Events
- Private Events

Contact me for rates, availabilty and feasibility.
We travel anywhere.