Body piercing Aftercare Guidelines

General piercing aftercare

So...only clean your piercing with salt water (1 teaspoon of salt mixed into 240ml of preboiled, cooled water) or a pre-mixed saline solution (plain saline, not the contact lens cleaner as it has anti-protein chemicals in it).

- Clean your piercing twice a day, using the solution on a cotton bud. Once you have moistened your bud, flatten the tip so that it looks like a flattened spoon. use that flattened edge to remove any dried blood (expect the piercing to bleed for the first week or two) and any dried plasma (a yellowish fluid that resembles pus but is less green that hardens and gets crusty) from the jewellery and from the surrounding skin.

- Do not move the jewellery back and forth unnecessarily as fiddling will cause irritation. Also, cleaning more than twice a day will also lead to the piercing becoming irritated. After a month, only clean the piercing when it weeps (ie. when it's crusty).

- Be careful not to hook, bump or catch the piercing on things like clothing, other jewellery, hair, friends while hugging and caps/beanies/hats.

- The piercing will go through periods of looking rather irritated, swelling, weeping and inflammation. This is all part of the process. Sometimes, there is very localised swelling where it looks as though a bump is forming, if it really concerns you, pop by, yet it is really, once again, just your body getting used to the hole and piece of metal therein.

- Cartilage can go through some really nasty healing periods, just love it and be patient and all will be well eventually.

- Don't sleep on your piercing...worst thing ever.

Tongue aftercare
- Rinse after everything you consume. To rinse, mix 3 teaspoons of salt with 240ml of preboiled water. You can keep this in an Energade bottle or something with a lid and carry it around with you wherever you may go.

- Eat only soft foods for the first four days eg. yoghurt, soup, porridge etc

- Do not play with you tongue bar for the first in, don't chew the bar and stick it out of your mouth.

- Don't kiss or exchange other bodily fluids with strangers for the first two months.

- After two weeks, replace the initial long bar with a short have a shorter bar, so just pop by and I will do it for you.

- Expect bleeding for the first few days. Then, expect weeping....there will be a yellowish fluid that the hole will secrete (looks a bit like pus) but this is normal. Your tongue itself will also start looking rather's just because of the swelling.
The swelling usually starts subsiding after about five days.

Average healing times
Cartilage, belly and nipple piercings will take up to 9 months to heal.

Lip, monroe, cheek, eyebrows and labret piercings will take up to 6 months to heal.

Ear Lobes, oral and genital piercings take 2 months to heal.

There is generally no need to make an appointment.

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